Making Children Safer


Our Story

eSafe recognizes the enormous challenges of internet safety in wake of the explosion of internet accessibility via mobile devices. Internet today permeates personal and professional lives of a number of children and youth as they constantly bounce between online possibilities and perils in wake of fading online and offline boundaries.
Children and young people are truly becoming digital citizens in an online world. They need to be aware of some of the potentially negative aspects of the technologies. Harmful activities can include bullying and harassment, identity theft and online abuse ( such as children seeing harmful and illegal content, or being exposed to grooming for sexual purposes, or the production, distribution and collection of child abuse material ).

Our Vision

A sustainable, globally recognized Center of Excellence for Children and Youth Online Protection.

Our Mission

To empower children and youth to use Internet responsibly to prevent them from online risks through advocacy, awareness raising, building capacity and engagement with stakeholders.

Our Strategic Pillars

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) are changing the way children interact with their peers, the way they access information, express their views, post and share creative content. The highly interactive nature of numerous Internet related services is specifically liked by children and young people. In general, for children and young people, the Internet is something they feel secure about; something they like; something that interests them; something they find useful; and something that gives them an opportunity for fun, relaxing and making friends.
eSafe promotes online well-being of users by focusing on three key pillars of Education, Empowerment and Protection across six parameters as identified below:

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